The Trust Project: News with Integrity

The Trust Project is developing clear standards for journalistic fairness and accuracy to restore the trusted role of the press in public life.

The Problem

In can be hard nowadays to tell fact from fiction online, even for sophisticated audiences. We all think we can tell the difference between opinion, advertising, propaganda, and accurate news. But how do we really know? So much of the information that comes our way lacks context, such as the credibility or track record of the source, the credentials of the writer or producer, or the publisher’s ideological bias, overt or implied. The result is confusion, a weakening of trust, a fraying of community bonds – and democratic norms -- that depend on a shared understanding of basic facts.

The Solution

A consortium of top news companies in partnership with search engines and social media companies, the Trust Project is developing transparency standards that enable news consumers to easily gauge the quality and credibility of journalism. Trust Project researchers conducted interviews over two years to find what’s important to people when it comes to news. They found that people want transparency: Who wrote or produced a story? What is their expertise? What’s the publisher’s agenda? Together with 75 news organizations, the Trust Project developed a digital standard based on these findings called the Trust Indicators, designed to provide clarity on a news organization’s ethics and other standards for fairness and accuracy. Now tech partners, including Google, Facebook, Bing and Twitter, are investigating ways to use the Trust Indicators to surface and display quality journalism.

Stage of Development

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