Publiq: Blockchain Distributed Media

PUBLIQ aims to reestablish the media balance of power in media by giving people the right to express their minds free from middleman controls or third-party censorship.

The Problem

The current media environment is currently shaped on the one hand by centralized institutions with powers of censorship and on the other hand by a massive flow of low-quality user-generated content. Meanwhile, a large share of the profits generated by content (if there is any profit) goes to intermediaries like advertisers.

The Solution

PUBLIQ seeks to solve the problem of censorship and unfair remuneration by enabling the generation, selection, and assessment of content, without middleman controls or third-party censorship. It is a blockchain-distributed media ecosystem owned, governed and operated by a global independent community, whose infrastructure allows content creators, readers and other participants to interact on a basis of trust. Authors who share their work on the platform build a lifetime reputation based on ratings from content consumers, which is stored (securely and transparently) on the blockchain. A proprietary AI algorithm guarantees advertisers highly optimized placements, while the use of smart contracts guarantees the equitable allocation of rewards and payments.

Stage of Development

  • Early Stage
  • Established Prototype
  • Scaling
  • Other

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